Reference USA

  • Identify your competitors using Reference USA’s U.S. Businesses and New Businesses modules. Additional features in ReferenceUSA will allow you to download the lists into an Excel file or to create a heat map to see exactly where your competitors are located.


  • Create business-to-consumer mailing lists using the ReferenceUSA Consumer Lifestyle module which includes information on all 262 million U.S. households.


  • Identify your target market, be it local, regional, or national, by identifying households based on consumer lifestyle choices. Consumers are rated on purchase preferences across 19 categories and search results are only returned on consumers who score 6-9 on a scale of 0-9, where 0 is no interest and 9 is heavy interest. A Consumer Snapshot feature refines selections based on demographic data and results are displayed in the abstract, by table, matrix or chart.


  • Learn about home values and ownership levels from Neighborhood Information which is gathered from the latest census.


  • Identify new movers or new homeowners from more than 15.5 million listings. Lists can be created based on demographics in combination with distance and time frame of move.


For more information, contact Rhonda Kleiman at or 717.397.3531.