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In business today, managers and supervisors – or team leaders – are the main link between the organization’s goals and the people who are responsible for the daily activities that make those goals a reality. Many everyday decisions required within the team leader role affect profits, productivity, service levels as well as attitudes and morale. Because of the necessary and integral role that these positions play, it is obvious that good managers and supervisors are key to the success of any organization.


We recognize that most companies have a need and desire to develop their leaders, but lack the time and/or expertise to provide this development internally. Most team leaders have little or no training in the required skills to manage effectively. Almost universally, today’s team leaders are men and women who have been promoted from being a “superworker” to a leadership role. While the management role is complex and varied, there is much knowledge and many skills that are common to all in management. This course offers many specifics, all of which fall within these three essential elements: Attitude Development,  Behavior Management Skills and Goal Accomplishment. Understanding that “managing” is part skills and knowledge and part attitude, self-confidence and experience, attendees will leave this course better prepared to:


• Lead confidently
• Communicate effectively
• Manage intentionally (including, but not limited to, how to deliver performance evaluations, handle conflict, engage employees, delegate successfully, etc.)


Who Should Attend: Managers, supervisors or team leaders who are relatively new to leading others,  those who would benefit from accelerating their leadership development process, and those who could benefit from a refresher on the latest management best practices.


Held Fridays, August 31, September 15 & 29, October 12 (Thursday) & 27, November 10 & 17, December 1 & 15, 2017 and January 5, 2018, 9:00 am-12:00 pm) $1,195

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Course Outline:


Session 1: Introduction to Management
Orientation session and overview of the program. Includes awareness of human behavior, habits, motivation and engagement.


Session 2: Successful Team Leadership
The role of a leader, types of leaders and understanding traits and behaviors of leaders and team members


Session 3: Management Skills 
Strengths and Opportunities – Understanding one’s own strengths and those of the team to leverage natural talents and create high performing teams


Session 4: Goal Setting for Success
The six components of goal setting, four types of goals and how goals increase success. Each participant will identify a project relevant to his or her job and work on it throughout the Academy


Session 5: Managing Time, Motivation & Confidence
Practical time management, ways to stay motivated and to motivate the team, Preparation for sharing projects with the group


Session 6: Creating & Managing Performance
Setting expectations, staff training and learning, feedback and sustaining performance


Session 7: Conducting Employee Evaluations & Delegating
How to provide useful and welcome feedback to employees, how to delegate effectively and understand that habits and attitudes impact decisions


Session 8: Wrap-up: Tying It All Together
Program recap and sharing of individual or group projects (Project Presentations)


Session 9: Follow-Up Session – Reinforcement of the insights learned in the course. How are things working?


Manager Alumni Groups: As an additional reinforcement, quarterly sessions are held specifically for those who have attended this course. These events focus on a particular topic and allow participants to continue their professional growth and expand their professional network of managers across industries. Information is provided in class.


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