Sales Growth Academy

According to Selling Power Magazine, because sales are on the front line of generating revenue and increasing profitability, any investment in sales training can have an instant positive impact on your company’s bottom line. During this introspective and thought-provoking course, attendees will first learn more about themselves using the DiSC profile assessment and then explore how to use this knowledge to become more productive and successful in their professional (and personal) lives.


Discussions will cover how to:

• Implement and create an easier methodology for business performance
• Establish stronger relationships with peers / colleagues / management / clients
• Learn to adapt communication to people of different styles
• Implement a common approach to business processes
• Capture the best practices already in place and replicate them
• Create standard responses to frequent objections and questions that you encounter
• Learn how to ask questions and listen rather than react emotionally
• Develop a consistent message to the staff / management / peers / clients
• Identify the ‘head trash’ that limits us and how to manage for success
• Understand the behavior necessary to accomplish plans and goals


Participants will leave with the knowledge to:
• Restructure business development efforts around a set of relevant and measurable benchmarks
• Implement within a framework of activity that allows you to quickly determine the quality of an opportunity
• Decide where and with whom to invest your time to obtain the largest and quickest return on your investment


“I would highly recommend Greg Orth and the Sandler Training program to any business looking to raise the standard of excellence for their staff. The program provided a lot of valuable insight to both my professional and personal life. Greg did a wonderful job of engaging each of the members of the group and made us feel comfortable with open discussion. The high level of expertise and knowledge will certainly help me feel more confident and knowledgeable as I continue to grow in my career. I would take the course again in a heartbeat!” 
-Brooke H, Travel Time Travel Agency


Who Should Attend: Field and Inside Sales Representatives, Business Development Professionals, Sales Managers, Account Managers,  or anyone who is interested in learning a new approach to relationship-based sales in order to achieve results more effectively


Tuesdays, September 26 & October 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31, 2017 (9-11 am)  $1,195

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Course Outline:


Session 1:  Why have a system 

Like many other examples in life, a proven system creates efficiency and repeatable success.  Unfortunately the old system of selling is no longer effective and people have caught on.  Discuss and uncover the frustrations of selling and the roadblocks they create.  Learn why having a proven system for selling is critical to enable a win/win for both parties.


Session 2:  Building relationships 

People buy from people they trust.  Therefore it is imperative to build solid relationships in sales and business development.  Learn the impact of both verbal and nonverbal communication and how it impacts our ability to connect with prospects.  Understand how to identify and adapt to different behavioral styles to enhance our engagements.  Develop ability to clearly set expectations for both parties to minimize uncertainty and misunderstanding. This session includes a review of each participant’s DiSC profile.


Session 3:  Qualifying the opportunity

Too often we don’t properly qualify a person or business and spend too much time chasing them and never getting any business.  Sales people need to stop talking and giving ‘free consulting’ without getting paid.  Instead they should be focused on simply asking questions to understand the prospects needs, if they have the money to fix these needs and can they make a decision to do something about it.


Session 4:  Closing the opportunity

Once we feel we have properly qualified the prospect and determined it is worth spending time with them, it is important to understand the path to closing the business.  While it is tempting to throw the ‘catalog’ at the prospect, we should only present our products and services that directly impact the needs that were identified.  Learn the steps to getting to a yes OR no as quickly as possible.


Session 5:  Prospecting & tracking behaviors

Nothing gets sold unless we have an audience.  Uncover the most effective and efficient prospecting options that make the most impact for your business.  Create goals, but more importantly, learn to understand the proper measurable behaviors needed to reach those goals.  Manage and track schedules of activities based upon budgets of time and expense vs. results.


Session 6:  Managing your mindset for success 

Maximizing success involves the active employment of technique, behavior and most importantly, attitude.  The stronger we are between our two ears, the better we are at anything that we do.  Learn to understand and address your fears, uncertainties and doubts and shift the focus to strength, confidence and empowerment.  Understand how to put all of it together to improve your communication effectiveness as well as your ability to close a sale.


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Meet Your Presenter: 


Greg is President of Sandler Training in Lancaster. As a business executive driving sales, marketing and corporate strategies, Greg has spent the last 20 years working closely with Fortune 500 businesses utilizing unique approaches to business processes as well as innovative thinking to drive improved results. Before Sandler, Greg spent 5 years working with McKinsey and Co. and Henry Rak Consulting Partners. Working in the consumer packaged goods arena, he helped companies maximize their selling efforts utilizing consumer behavior and shopper analytics. Greg honed his business sense spending nearly 15 years in a variety of sales and management roles with The Hershey Company. Greg decided to leave the corporate world behind and take his skills and experiences to work with local businesses to help them achieve their business development and financial goals. The goal is to identify the gaps that are keeping you from reaching your pinnacle of success.