Session 6: Growing a Green Partnership between Business and Government

Environmentalism is too often seen as a point of tension between government and business instead of an opportunity for mutual benefit. Meanwhile, young talent is flocking to urban centers that all share some common sustainable design features. Creating environmentally innovative communities takes cross-sector partnerships and provides lasting benefits to businesses, government, and residents.


What are these desirable sustainable design features? How does Lancaster City compare? Where are the opportunities for business and government to work together on building a more sustainable community? Where do you start?


The session will provide an overview of sustainable urban design to create a helpful guiding vision. Using local examples, we will examine how the City of Lancaster is partnering with the business community to build a thriving and sustainable city and local economy. Specifically, we will discuss existing city partnerships around storm water, bicycling, and tree planting, while also giving consideration to new opportunities on the horizon. You’ll leave with a better understanding of how to begin or expand partnerships in your own municipality.


About the Presenter:
Douglas Smith is the Sustainability Planner for the City of Lancaster’s Department of Public Works where he works to monitor the City’s environmental impact and implement more sustainable operations strategies. Douglas also works closely with the Lancaster Tree Tenders, advises on the City’s active transportation designs, and assists with City energy efficiency initiatives. He serves on the board of the Water Science Institute and is the Music Director at Wisdom’s Table at St. Peter’s UCC.  Learn more.

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