Simply Map

Keeping in the know about your current and potential customers and clients is vital. Through Simply Map, you can now better understand who your prospective customers are and where they live.


Simply Map gives you access to Nielsen Claritas PRIZM, an industry-leading consumer segmentation system that combines demographic, consumer behavior and geographic data to marketers. PRIZM defines every US household by categorizing them into one of 66 demographic and behavior types or segments so that you can see which types of consumers are most likely to use your products or services. As a marketer it will also give you an idea of which types of media work best for each segment based on their media consumption habits.


An example of a Social Group would be Middle America, which is one of the top five social groups for Lancaster County. Middle America is defined as “lower middle-class home owners
living in small towns and remote exurbs. They tend to be white, high school educated, living as couples or larger families and ranging in age from under 25 to over 65. Like many residents of remote communities, these conservative consumers tend to prefer traditional rural pursuits: fishing, hunting, making crafts, antique collecting, watching television and meeting at civic and veterans clubs for recreation and companionship. Friday nights are for celebrating high school sports.”


In addition to looking at this data at the county level, you can also view it down to geographic areas as small as a census block or census tract.


Finding this information is quick and accessible by anyone within your organization. Don’t waste your precious marketing dollars guessing where your customers are, get it right the first time using Simply Map offered by The Lancaster Chamber.


For more information, contact Rhonda Kleiman at or 717.397.3531.